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Benedicto Castillo Irribarra



  In Print.


This book-documentary reveals the web of financial maneuvers carried out by the Chilean dictator to secretly accumulate his enormous fortune, ransacking the national treasury’s reserve funds and accepting commissions – or rather bribes – for arms trade operations. 

Pinochet, through his power and with the support of relatives and a select group of high ranking army officers and right wing individuals, formed a tight group of collaborators to structure a network of hidden bank accounts around the world.

In the likes of an experienced business man, he mounted a series of offshore businesses to manage millions of dollars in over 128 accounts and long term deposits in twenty or so banks inside the United States, Switzerland, The Bahamas, The United Kingdom, The Caiman Islands, Spain, Argentina and Chile. 

Ever since he lead the military coup, showing off his sense of timing and his knack for deception, until 1998, he managed to get his hands on huge amounts of fiscal money, controlling the wills of a host of accomplices in his military staff, as if they were puppets. Additionally, he enticed banks in the United States and Chile with enormous transferences of capital, triangulating and rapidly moving around funds made from illegal arms trading, thus avoiding U.S. anti laundering laws. He did this by means of a clearly criminal “modus operandi”, posing under a dozen or so different personas and using false documentation.  

However, as has been the case with other ruthless tyrants, Pinochet’s luck finally ran out. It was the U.S. senate, while investigating possible money laundering by Islamic terrorist groups involved in the 9-11 attacks, which uncovered, on July 2004, the web spun by the dictator. 

The greedy general had fooled the law, operating from inside the Riggs Bank, hiding information and violating federal law by setting up an extensive network of accounts in the United States, through which he regularly carried out business. The Permanent Sub Committee of Investigation, in virtue of Patriotic Law, uncovered the whole illegal network and with it the multimillion dollar sums managed by Pinochet.

As a result of the above, the Chilean Justice system, including its assisting organisms, were forced to start a criminal trial aimed at determining both the state tax fraud and the origin of these sums, as well as Pinochet’s criminal accountability and that of his accomplices. Worse for them, the job is in the hands of upright, incorruptible judges.

Countless documents, photographs and astonishing testimonies, accumulated during this research, which has been based on a record amount of 320 trial process volumes, unveil the unbelievable work of the dictator, whose sole mission in life has been to opportunistically grab at any chance he has had for perpetrating abuse. 



          Benedicto Castillo Irribarra (1951), is the author of this book-documentary published by “Mare Nostrum”, entitled "The  emblematic murder of Tucapel Jiménez: the Condor wants flesh",  which reveals both the brutal and shocking military operation that saw the end of the trade union leader and the cover up and clean up actions of another four related crimes.  

Castillo Irribarra is a journalist from Chile’s Catholic University (PUC) and the Santiago University (USACH), with a post gradate degree in corporate communication, market and public opinion studies at the University of Chile. With over 26 years working professionally, he has successfully performed in areas related to legal and crime journalism, for various media, such as La Tercera, La Segunda and Las Ultimas Noticias newspapers; national and foreign news agencies; Channel 11 (TV); various radio stations and current events magazines. Subsequently, he launched journalism and current event magazines, both under his private ownership and of state organizations and private companies.    

Specializing in research journalism, he has received nationwide acclaim for his research on topics that have shocked public opinion, thus earning a reputation as a serious professional, incisive and relentless when brining down the covers of sinister criminal organizations, in order to uncover the truth at any cost.

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