Sociedad Editorial Mare Nostrum Ltda.®

Manuel Rodríguez Norte 24
Santiago, Chile
Tel..: (56-2)-695 5725
Fax: (56-2)-
696 6357

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Editorial Manager: Maura Brescia
Distribution and Sales Manager:
Eugenio de Val
Business Address: 24 Manuel Rodríguez Norte Av.
Los Heroes Subway Station
Santiago- Chile
Tel (56-2) 695 5725
Fax (56-2) 696 6357

Established in 1984 in Santiago, Chile, Mare Nostrum Publishing specializes in books on current events, research journalism and essays on political-economy, social science and human rights. It has also published short stories, novels, poetry, action thrillers, humorous themes and exotic travel books.

Since its creation the company has published around a hundred titles and distributed books to the Ministry of Education, The State Libraries Office, The State Museums and Archives Office (DIBAM), the Foreign Relations Ministry and the Navy, among other institutions.

Additionally, Mare Nostrum Publishing has exported books to Argentina, México and Spain.
Popular de Madrid Publishing and Mare Nostrum Publishing have co-edited the book “Privatization in Latin America: ¿Financial and Economic re-conquest by Spain?” by the author Maura Brescia de Val, which is currently being distributed to countries in Latin America.

With the backing of the Professional Journalists Organization of Chile, Mare Nostrum Publishing launched its first Research Journalism Prize, along with the publication of the winning works. Its recent collection entitled “Pre-Columbian Chile” has also reached outstanding popularity among readers.

Our company has exhibited its books and authors in important International Book Fairs. Among them, Santiago’s International Book Fair, as well ones held in Ñuñoa, Parque Forestal and Plaza de Armas. Among regional fairs, we have attended fairs in La Serena, Valdivia, Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt.

In 2005, thanks to the backing of the National Council for Books and the Promotion of Reading, Mare Nostrum Publishing took part in the International Book Fairs of Madrid, Frankfurt and Guadalajara. Additionally, our company has taken part in the International Book Fair of Panama (June, 2005), where Chile was the guest of honor.

Our Publishing House was the only Chilean company that participates with a stand in the Guayaquil (Equator) International Book Fair, carried out on July 2006. Additionally and thanks to the support of Pro-Chile and the Association of Independent Publishers, our books where exhibited at the Chilean Stand of the Xith International Book Fair of Lima (Perú).

Currently, Mare Nostrum Publishing is preparing the edition of books in foreign languages, including English and German. Our aim is to augment and distribute its books to readers in different cultures and places.